Heather & Nick Wedding, Loomis, California Flower Farm Inn





June 28th 2015.

I had the privilege to photograph my cousins wedding. No, I was not her main photographer or videographer, but her photographer & videographer were so gracious to let me tag along on her special day. This wedding was held in Loomis, California at The Flower Farm Inn. The Flower Farm Inn is a Beautiful Venue, with a Red Barn, & a lovely grape orchid. Enjoy these pictures, & hope you will see the love & laughter of their day like I do.

Videographer. Kyle Johnson, Check out his latest work here.  https://vimeo.com/user4101345

Main Photographer. http://www.lyndsphoto.com/

Presenting the Bride & Groom
Presenting the Bride & Groom

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_MG_9025 _MG_9020 _MG_9017 _MG_9016 _MG_9015 _MG_9003 _MG_9000 _MG_8968 _MG_8966 _MG_8950 _MG_8943 _MG_8933 _MG_8929 _MG_8926 _MG_9175 _MG_9171 _MG_9166 _MG_9155 _MG_9143 _MG_9141 _MG_9132 _MG_9119 _MG_9118 _MG_9113 _MG_9112 _MG_9110 The First Look _MG_9106 _MG_9104 _MG_9103 _MG_9102 _MG_9100-2 _MG_9099 _MG_9096 _MG_9095 _MG_9092 _MG_9091 _MG_9085-2 _MG_9084 _MG_9083 _MG_9082-2 Bride getting ready_MG_9078 Dad’s First look of Bride all ready. _MG_9074 _MG_9067 Putting on her veil  _MG_9063 _MG_9047 _MG_9044 _MG_9043 _MG_9038 _MG_9037 _MG_9036 _MG_9031 _MG_9030 _MG_9334-2 _MG_9199 _MG_9198 _MG_9196 _MG_9195 _MG_9191 _MG_9184 _MG_9180 _MG_9178 _MG_0009_MG_0017_MG_0019_MG_0022_MG_0036-Edit_MG_0040-2_MG_0049-2_MG_0058 _MG_9176

Videographer. Kyle Johnson, Check out his latest work here.  https://vimeo.com/user4101345

Main Photographer. http://www.lyndsphoto.com/

Wedding Season is here!!

I had the privilege of photographing a beautiful wedding September 13th on a Beautiful Saturday Morning!!

Congratulations Chris & Mellisa!!

Hair/Makeup: Bride & Mother.

Wedding Dress: Salvation Army with touches from the Mother & Bride.

Cake: Made by the Grooms Sister.

Floral Lady/Flowers: Lucille Zuidema

ChriswithMellisaBluredinBackground_kk SunflareUnderArch_kk


C&MGrandparents Chris&MellisaWeddingParty_KK ChrisFamily ChrisSpinningMellisa_KK IntroducingC&M_KK lookingateachother_kk LookingThruVealDown@Chris Mellisa&Family_kk

An Emotional Week

A week full of many emotions!! “Life is but a vapor that appeareth for a little while” A Life left this world, two little lives entered this world and a life of marriage begun!! 
Its so important to have photos to help us remember these moments in life!!

Here is just a few of those photos we had the privilege of capturing this week!!

#newborn #baby #birth #newlife #boy #feet #hands #smile BabyFeetBW_kk BabySmile_kk

Spring Fling-Prom

Hey Everyone!!

Tonight is a very special night for some high school kids as its their Spring Fling or as some call it Prom!! I have the privilege of shooting some photos for them tonight!! In the mean time I wanted to share a sneak peek of my sister in her dress!! SayChesse SmileInFrontOfTrain lookingattheground

New Photos, New Website

Hey Everyone!! Its been an awesome weekend as were gearing up for a Thursday Wedding. Videography is starting to take off!! I was privilege to also attend the Brides shower tonight.

We are also working on a new website, and took some new profile pictures.

Wanted to share a few and see what you think!!

Glidecam_shooting kayla's_glidecam_restinginarms

Maternity, Baby Announcement

Hey Everyone!!

Hope you had a Fantastic 3 day weekend as we celebrated Valentines Day on Friday then President  Day on Monday!!

This last Saturday I was privilege to shoot a maternity session with my Friends as they found out the Gender of there Baby Boy on V-Day :) Matt_Kelli_Belly_KKCongrats Kelli & Matt so excited for you both!!

Hello Out There!! Been Awhile.

Hi Everyone,

So its been a few months since I’ve blogged anything. Well I’m hoping to share with you very soon the New & Exciting things we been working on!! In the mean time I’ve gone thru some older files that I’ve never blogged; and wanted to take this time to share some older work, I did when I was first starting out in Photography!! What do you picture when you picture a Montana wedding. I picture the Outdoors!! This Beautiful Wedding started out on a Beautiful Campground by a creaking creek!! Then moved the reception into this cool little building with Beautiful Log Walls. Head over to www.klassykatphotography.com or on FB @klassykatphotography to check out more of our work!!

Montana Weddings!! Dancing with her #Father #FatherDaughterDance

Father, Daughter Dance IMG_9166_4768 (1)walkingdownthealsie_ IMG_9194_4794 (1)walkingdownthealsie_ IMG_9197_4797 (1)walkingdownthealsie_ IMG_9198_4798 (1)walkingdownthealsie_ IMG_9199_4799 (1)walkingdownthealsie_ IMG_9355_5788 (1)walkingdownthealsie_ IMG_9356_5789 (1)walkingdownthealsie_ IMG_9371_5802 (1)walkingdownthealsie_ IMG_9373_5162 (1)walkingdownthealsie_ IMG_9388_5177walkingdownthealsie_ IMG_9425_5212walkingdownthealsie_ IMG_9428_5215walkingdownthealsie_ IMG_9445_5228walkingdownthealsie_-2 IMG_9445_5228walkingdownthealsie_ IMG_9448_5230walkingdownthealsie_

Win a Camera!

Big thanks to the SnapKnot wedding photography directory for offering this great camera giveaway!

Their giving a brand new D800 or 5D Mark III away!! It would be so nice to win one of these!!

Hope I win!!!

Mini Pet Session

I believe pets are a gift. Their a companion, a friend. I can’t image my life with out my lab, Princess.

Last night she gave me a scare when she had a seizure, I was not sure what to think or do. She is now back to her self, but for awhile I thought I might lose her.

This is why I believe we need to have photos of our pets.

So for the rest of April, I’m doing a mini pet session, for you & your pet.

Let’s capture the love of you and your pet.

CD of Images. 75$